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Early on, I learned how important it is to work with someone who is not only knowledgeable, but who truly represents my best interests. And like all good life lessons, I learned this one the hard way ...

Kingston Properties Sold in 2018
Average Sale Price June 2020
Kingston Properties Sold in 2019

Featured Kingston and Area Listings

  • 779 Wartman Ave, Kingston
  • 5919 Perth Rd
  • 123 Russell St, Kingston - SOLD
  • 71 Rose Abbey Dr - SOLD
  • Between 78-98 Sherman's Point Road - SOLD
  • Between 79-98 Sherman's Point Rd - SOLD

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Whether you're new to this whole real estate thing or you've bought and sold a bunch, I've got the answers to all your Kingston and area real estate questions.

The Home Buying Process

The Home Selling Process

Buying & Selling:  A Timeline

Let's Talk Money: A Timeline

Tips for First-Time Buyers

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